Sunday, 4 November 2012


“The name is Bond, James Bond”. Bond is back and Skyfall is, I think, the best script we’ve ever had. Obviously, that’s only my opinion, but I’ve been watching James Bond films all my film going life, beginning with the annual trip with my dad from, From Russia with Love, onwards – I think that was a double-header with Dr. No.
The thing, which appealed to me in Skyfall, in particular, was the fact we have a Bond for our own time, not simply a modernised version from Ian Fleming’s day. There’s no doubt this film plumbs the deepest psychological depths of any Bond film and sidesteps the macho stereotypes usually drawn to 007 like a magnet. Bond is real, which means flawed. He’s past his prime, which means there’s some inner conflict seldom previously even glimpsed. There’s a lot here for any Christian leader to reflect on and much to offer. That’s not to suggest everything is worth trying to emulate, as Maggie reminded me, when driving out the car park afterwards!
Another interesting facet, with Skyfall, is the mirroring of our culture (not that this hasn't been done with Bond before) with the post-modern tension between tradition and individualism presented between Bond and arch villain, Silva. Again, much to think about.
Apart from all that, there were some great performances, a terrific bike chase and a few surprises.