Friday, 14 August 2015

The demise of Cecil ... hopefully the rising of greater concern

I’ve been on sabbatical, plus two holidays, as well as beginning my five year period as a BWA rep on behalf of BUGB. So basically out of my normal, non-normal routine for four months. Whilst in South Africa for the BWA Congress, Maggie and I took the opportunity of visiting Kruger on Safari. One of those ‘once in a lifetime experiences’ I’d like to make a habit of!

Whilst we were away the news broke about Cecil the lion. We were oblivious to begin with, not having wireless, but there’s since been a massive reaction. Just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about try here:

We had a wonderful time in Kruger. I won’t go on about that, so one photo for now, but I forgot to ask her name!

The debate following Cecil’s demise has been largely emotional it seems, but I hope it will serve a useful purpose in highlighting why concern for threatened species needs to become more firmly on the agendas of governments, international bodies and especially Christians more generally. Here’s one more thoughtful response linking some of the issues: