Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A successful launch to re-imagine.

Just reflecting on what was a very successful re-imagine weekend. Six leadership teams from across WEBA were represented and everyone appeared to be fully engaged and keen to pursue the process over the next 18 months.

Friday, 13 March 2015

re-imagine missional learning community

Well almost ready for re-imagine. This weekend we have six brave leadership teams starting out on our next missional learning community. Hopefully all will pursue the 18 month process and will enter into a more fruitful season.
We'll be exploring together transitions in discipleship, mission, leadership & culture towards becoming much more fully part of the missional movement of God. 
The logo highlights a couple of critical points to our way of thinking:
i.  We need to see an upturn from the downward trajectory the church has been travelling on, in the UK, for way too long. 
ii. Team is the order of the day. As Baptists, we cannot afford to become a Union of Ministers with a capital 'M', at the expense of the ministry of the whole church. Consequently, we'll only accept teams coming along together on the re-imagine process.
I love these opportunities and I'm just hoping everyone who's part of the weekend is more blessed and equipped as a result.