Wednesday, 16 January 2013

let us fix our eyes upon Jesus

I've been slow, deliberately, over the last few weeks, to blog, or comment on a whole variety of issues. Partly, because these words, 'fix your eyes upon Jesus', familiar verse, from Hebrews 12:2 - fix your eyes upon Jesus - has been imprinted on my heart and mind, since the shortest day in 2012, whilst watching The Hobbit. 
Listen Nigel, before you speak. Look to Jesus, before you point anyone anywhere.
Back to The Hobbit - I was well into the film and loving it. My mind was simultaneously playing with the 'unexpected journey' motif and strap-line, used for the film's publicity. I was reflecting on my life during 2012, etc., normal stuff. The realisation this was the shortest day, developed another train of thought, which dovetailed nicely, with the film and the explorations in my own mind. Then it came, into sharp focus, 'fix your eyes upon Jesus', one of those, so clear, almost audible impressions on my mind, you just know is of God. So, I thought, when I get around to it, that can be my new year greeting, my first blog entry, my motto for 2013, etc.
Of course, life is never less than complicated. So, whilst theoretically away on retreat, in Northumberland, news breaks regarding Steve Chalke's article on the response of the church to homosexuality. Steve, for those who don't know, is a Baptist Minister and, therefore, included in our covenant of Ministerial practice, which doesn't permit the actions he has taken. On the same day, my colleague and friend, Gary McFarlane, hears his appeal, to the European Court of Human Rights, has been turned down. This is what the BBC are regarding as a 'milestone' in the Christian- secular debate.
So, first blog entry subject of 2013 for me? No contest.