Friday, 6 February 2009

snow, snow and more snow.

What wonderful weather! That’s serious – I just love the snow and always find it highly amusing to discover how unprepared we are for it – we expect it, we even want it, but we just don’t seem to cope with it. Anyway a rough picture, but hopefully when the light improves they’ll be better. Yesterday’s outpouring had almost disappeared by evening due to a rapid thaw, but this one’s better (?) depending how you view it all. We had a great meal out last night for Emily’s birthday too in between snow falls – if you’re in Bristol sometime and like Asian food I recommend Cosmo (there’s a few elsewhere) our new Pan Asian ‘eat-all-you-like’ – I did and I liked! It’s quite large and a chain, but a good atmosphere and they’ve done the food really well with prepare on the spot Sushi and char grill for fish and meat skewers, plenty of sea-food too – really nice.

Great news about Caroline Petrie too – yesterday (before they received my letter I guess) the North Somerset Primary Care Trust have said she can return to work as soon as she wishes. So, if you’ve yet to contact them, please do recognize this piece of new first of all. Their website has a fairly good statement, but there is ambiguity there which suggests they will not condone a doctor or nurse offering prayer to a patient in the future, but I’m seeking some clarification on this particular issue.

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