Tuesday, 1 December 2009

definitely not ready for advent....

Well, officially back to work after my final month of sabbatical (I remember fondly that nice feeling at the beginning of September after month 2 thinking 'I'm off again before the end of next month). My colleagues will say it's the longest running sabbatical ever and stretching it out by taking three separate months has certainly prolonged the sabbatical mode and mood. Anyway, I start back at the beginning of advent, which remains one of my favourite times of year and always productive in terms of my walk with God. Ironically, however, I'm not even prepared for advent has been the theme of my thoughts in the car today. Advent has something to do with preparation I know, but I've amused myself at least with thoughts of suggesting next November becomes an official prepare for advent month in the liturgical calendar! I'm using Stephen Cottrell's "Do nothing Christmas is coming' as a daily anchor and anyone who starts off with quoting Ogden Nash - 'Why is Christmas like a day at the office? You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit.' can't be that bad in my opinion.
Last night I returned home with the cries of 'Nigel, Nigel' from the thousands who gathered in Portishead for the switching on of the Christmas lights ringing in my ears! No, not me this time - Nigel Parker was the local worker at Sainsbury's Homebase chosen to switch n their lights. Us Nigel's need to stick together and you tell by the 'meet nice Nigel' BBC headline -
maybe we need to campaign against Nigelism?!
Kicked myself whilst driving - didn't have the camera in the car today and a lovely buzzard was sitting on a fence post two metres from where I stopped.
Oh for advent thoughts check out www.hopefulimagination.blogspot.com for some worthy Baptist bloggers among others - I think i have 18th. for my date.
Today's world aids day and after my visit to SA last month is a whole load more poignant than previously. The picture is of Leon who is part of a Baptist congregation in one of the black township's outside Cape Town. he wont get any substantial funding, but, he and his wife, have given up their jobs to work with children and women who are hivaids affected. No glamourous ministry this one, but really impressive work in the kingdom of our God.

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