Monday, 17 May 2010

Stratford & Spurgeon's

Once again, it's been a hectic few days - over the weekend we went to Stratford to celebrate Maggie's 50th. I had a great time too even if the stress factor keeping secrets was an emotional drain! Antony & Cleopatra on friday night was great and I would love to have dinner in the soon-to-be completed restaurant, which will be on the roof of the re-furbished theatre to be completed in July.
Last week I was at Spurgeon's to join in on the Contemporary Theologies of Mission module. I'm exploring a D Min and needed to access one of their MTh modules as part of the process - so as I expect to be pitching into a thesis around the missional theme in some shape or form, this seemed to be the best idea. I enjoyed the multi-cultural flavour, with Asian, African and Islamic issues all featuring significantly. It was good to touch base with my friend Roger Standing too and I especially appreciated his input, even though I appreciated all of it.  It was good fun, even if the heating not working meant a very cold thursday. Meeting a whole variety of new people, there on a variety of modules, was good as was recognising the valuable efforts being made by my old College. A load of memories came flooding back and I think I would enjoy returning more regularly - if I decide to take the plunge. Finding time for an essay resulting from this module will be the acid test!

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