Tuesday, 25 January 2011

is happiness a skill we can learn?

The BBC this morning were promoting 'the happiness challenge' and you can download the workbook from their website - easy.
What is interesting is the practices they're seeking to nurture in people are all intrinsically 'Christian' in that they are all values and habits of Jesus:

Be Mindful: Do less and notice more.
Be Grateful: Remember the good things.
Be Kind: Do things for others.

The challenge consists, not in agreeing with the basic premises out forward, but doing something practical about them.
I've been trying to distil what I call 'habits for missional living' down to twelve practices. Not surprisingly, I guess, all these are among them. Different words slightly, but the same basic ideas. It strikes me we need to invest more in what some people refer to as 'pre-Christian discipleship' - how do we nurture the desire to 'follow Jesus' in not yet believers in him? A good question to work with.

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