Sunday, 8 May 2011

a work in progress!

Not sure why I do this! For a start, Sunday's supposed to be a day of rest, but that'll be the joke/hypocrisy there. Also, I'm supposed (my own rule) not preach anywhere the weekend before our Team Leaders away mon-weds, which is tomorrow. So, what do i find in my diary? .... three meetings today - aarrgghh!

It's a multiple choice where you cannot fail to get the right answer!
a my own fault?
b my own stupidity?
c my own irrational logic?

Anyway, I've had an enjoyable day and because of the added pressure and because it's been raining over the weekend, I had to pop down to the allotment to view progress, which is quite thrilling, but you probably will struggle to get as excited as me, simply from this photo! However, yes, these are our own potatoes and onions popping up and then there's the carrots, courgettes, butternut squash, runner beans .... hey, I'm getting into this.

I've nearly finished digging over the whole allotment for the first time and this is the real cause for celebration, but it's also the voice of God, for me, at least:

i.  If we'd have waited until all the ground was ready, we'd still not have planted anything.
ii.  If we'd have put off planting until I'd finished digging, we'd have missed the season for a number of things.
iii.  If we'd have not done any weeding of already dug ground, what we have begun to see grow would be smothered by now.
iv.  If we'd have relied on my quick dig technique, we'd have not removed hardly any weeds, but it would have looked good quicker .... for two days!
v.  Digging is hard, back breaking work.
vi.  You can't plant into unprepared ground.
vii.  Newly planted seeds never grow quickly enough.
viii. Newly sprouting plants need space to grow.
ix.  Newly growing plants thrive best without competition for nutrients (weeds).
x.  Seeing new plants springing up is what it's all about, but there's a long way to go to harvest time.

I'd better stop - before film club! Anyway, 10 commandments is enough for anyone.

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