Monday, 10 October 2011


Yesterday, I was driving to Cheltenham to preach at Salem BC in the morning and back to Gloucester for a Cluster gathering in the evening. On both journeys I was listening to Five Live, which was dominated by the Rugby.
OK dismal from England, well done Wales, great match between the Aussies and South Africa (how did they lose?), sorry for the Irish.
Anyway, what dominated was the post-mortem on England and the RFU. I felt I was listening to the same conversation in stereo - out of one speaking I was hearing 'RFU" and the other 'BUGB' (Baptist Union of GB).
Both a pretty boring, it seems to me, to most Rugby fans,a s well as most members of Baptist Churches .... unless you happen to be involved in the structures themselves.
However, what people are interested in is 'how can we find a supportive structure, which helps, rather than hinders, England  winning Rugby matches.
What is the relationship between who's the CE of the RFU and who are the Board members, etc. and who manages the team and the results of the fixtures?
Translate all that into our Christian ghetto and I get to the same answers. You can change the structures all you wish, but in and of themselves they wont necessarily make any difference.
However, if the actual structures are getting in the way of empowering churches to plant churches and disciples to make disciples, then something needs to shift.

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Steve said...

But Nigel, if the reason for the BUGB problems relate to off the field jinks and drinking sessions, we're in real trouble!