Monday, 23 January 2012


I notice last week I posted an entry for 'Beyond 400', which is now up and running and promising to be a creative impetus for the future for BUGB.

This week, I'm conscious of feeling 'tired', which can be an early warning system, a valid call for re-adjustment, or even re-alingment, or even simply an excuse to turn back.
Just a sample, for me, as one individual, in what is an average week I imagine: I could be tired because I'm trying to do too much, I'm fed up with the conversation around our future, I'm struggling with issues regionally, I think others are asking too much, I don't seem able to find enough time to get to the really important things, I'm carrying too much for others. or all of the above, or perm any three from ten! (only those with more dubious pasts, like mine, will understand this).

Of course, everyone will identify with feeling tired and especially those being paid for exercising 'Ministry'. Here is an arena, almost designed to drain people of creative energy and disperse clear gifting into mist, if you don't have two things within your grasp: a diary and perseverance.

So, it was with delight I read again James 1:2-8. I've found it a wellspring of nourishment and re-kindled hope.
'joy in trials' (? - not sure about that) brings 'testing of faith' (? - not sure about that one either) leads to 'perseverance' (ahh - at last, something I want, something I desperately need) ...
and then this lovely little phrase, I don't think I've paid much attention to personally before, even having preached on the passage (never assume both co-incide) ... 'let perseverance finish its work'.
Direction is crucial when it is God's call for long obedience in the same direction.

What then is the work of perseverance going on in my life, I must allow God to lead me through?

This brings a whole new perspective, this brings purpose into trials, this sees 'testing' as an experimental laboratory from which new discoveries are made and new ground is explored. This is an adventure with God ..... it just doesn't feel much like it right now.

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