Friday, 25 May 2012

Blogging can become a tyranny - that's how I've felt about it, over the last few weeks, when I simply just haven't got around to it. Of course, it's not because I have nothing to say!!
This, therefore, is simply to let people know I'm still out there somewhere!
This week has been another frantically busy week and just saying that suggests I'm failing in some way, because I've never believed 'busyness' is a healthy sign of anything.
However, no day off this weekend, as we have two great days ahead I hope and I'm not just thinking about the weather.
Tomorrow is a day on "Simply Church" - it's full, if you want lunch, but you may be able to squeeze in bringing your own, or sitting under a table and begging for scraps!
Sunday, after preaching in Melksham in the morning is Arise Bristol and Beyond at Ashton Gate, the home of Bristol City FC. It's an event rooted in pray, repentance and release on Pentecost Sunday, details if you've not heard are on:

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