Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Discipleship - start with yourself.

My Christian DNA Groups workbook is going well - already I've heard about a number of people planning to start groups int heir workplace, which is really exciting. I realise I'm going to need to start doing some 'frequently asked questions' somehow, sometime soon, but time .....!
Anyway, here's a link to a clip I watched earlier, from the Verge Network website. David Platt (not the footballer) is saying exactly the same thing, as I'm trying to say - start with yourself. The DNA groups workbook, isn't a reading book primarily and I guess the biggest problem with getting it onto leaders shelves, is that's where it stays. My advice is start using it, or at least buy it for three people who will.
So far, I have people from 45 different churches, I know of, who've bought a copy of DNA, but discipleship won't grow until there's groups in place.
Have a listen to David Platt, it's only 3 minutes.

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