Sunday, 10 November 2013

Too scared to start small?

Let's be honest, we're out of our depth. Talk about missional movement is a long, long way from our week to week experience. It's tempting, therefore, to back off and leave it to the pioneers, the mavericks, the risk takers, of whom we count ourselves out.
What are we frightened of? Ironically, one factor is we're not prepared (fear may be too strong a word, but I'll leave it hanging there) to start as small as Jesus was. One by one until he had twelve, a few loaves and fishes, outcasts, prostitutes, tax collectors, etc.
I'm hearing it in responses to the 'What Jesus Started' day with Steve Addison and I'm hearing it in responses to starting DNA groups. What people want is a quick fix, a method everyone will buy into day one, a structure for the whole church.
My advice? Start small. The smallest and best place is yourself. 
We've a good number for tuesday, but can take more - as we're providing lunch it will be a great blessing to pre-book, using the link below.


Andy Lampard said...

Sounds like it was an inspiration to many. It's a name that hasn't passed my limted "radar"... but I'm going to check him and his book out!

As always the challenge is transalting inspiration into action. As you say "start small" - better to take some action than none thinking that you needto have it "prefectly" understood before you start.... then time has a habit of moving on ... and the inspiration is lost in the busy-ness of life.

Nigel Coles said...

Easiest to download Steve's books via