Thursday, 30 January 2014

Burning questions for mission agencies today

Looking again at Patrick Johnstone's superb 'The Future of the Global Church'.
Pondering his "burning questions for today' on page 234 (there are quite a few others elsewhere):

"Breakdowns in relationships between agencies, theological trainers and local churches have harmed the cause of world evangelisation. There are many instances of broken promises, misunderstandings and pain.

-  How can missions become more sensitive to local churches?
-  How can local churches become more missional in their vision?
-  How can trainers become more aware that academic excellence is no substitute for godliness in those sent out to serve in churches and missions?

I'm reflecting on all three of these, this week, asking questions in our 'ministerial recognition' group, nurturing more risk taking in local church planting and trying to nudge forwards greater BUGB-wide missional cohesiveness. An interesting week!

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