Wednesday, 29 October 2014

street evangelism ... a forgotten tool?

A more recent friend, Steve Addison, has recently moved to London. Because he's an Aussie he hasn't listened to what us Brits have told him - that British people are very reticent to talk about faith and are best approached with caution! 

Read his blog for more of what follows ...

Better still have a re-think about whether street evangelism can find a place in your individual, or church, busy schedule!

Michelle and I have been told British people don’t like to talk about faith and won’t respond to a direct approach. So we thought we’d find out. We’ve been walking around Bethnal Green, our local area, in the East End of London.
Hi. I’m Steve and this is Michelle. We’re out praying for our community. We wondered, if God could do a miracle in your life today what would it be? And can we pray for you?
We meet Afro-Caribbeans, English-born East Enders, Irish atheists, Bangladeshi Muslims and young white hipsters. Over 80% of people want us to pray for them. Most people who decline thank us for offering prayer but say they are doing ok. We haven’t had one negative response. Typically  people share a need.
Pray that my friend Jo would come back to life. I went to his funeral last week.
Pray for me I just lost my job and I’ve never been out of work before.
I got out of prison yesterday. Pray I would be able to get back together with my partner and our son.

We pray simply and briefly and then we say, Right now do you feel near to God or far from him Then most people open up.

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