Monday, 27 April 2015

Mission across Europe .. reflections on Eurochurch 2015.

I’ve been away at the Eurochurch conference, which is one attempt at providing a learning community for various people involved in mission and church planting from across Europe. A wonderful group of people to be a part of.

Here’s some observations, my own included:

·      Although Lesslie Newbigin (1909-98) probably began what we now call the Missional conversation, it remains at best picked up by early adopters and is not deeply embedded among us, or in our organisations.

·      The influence of Christendom may have begun to wain around the end of the 19th Century, but has a long tail.

·      The reverberations of all the 1960s highlighted has continued around Europe, albeit differently.

·      Answers for Europe will not come ready packaged from elsewhere.

·      Europe is in danger of denying our foundation (Christian) story ever existed.

·      Whenever there is a crisis in a culture it revolves around truth and epistemological questions.

·      We are living in a pivotal time in Europe for the church.

·      The NT word kairos is a word usually associated with repentance (metanoia), which calls for a turn of the whole body (mind, direction, actions, life).

·      The gospel travels along relational lines.

·      The extent to which the Churches of Europe believe the future is in attractional church models will reveal the extent of the problem (on this evidence massive!).

·      If the only tool you have is a hammer then everything else looks like a nail. (Alan Hirsch quoted elsewhere, but worthy of another mention).

·      Our problem is weve arrived at a place where we think we have to get people to feel bad about themselves before we can introduce hem to Jesus.

·      Discipleship is the number one issue across the (European) board.

·      Challenge to take people from building their kingdom (and inviting God sometimes to fit in) to building Gods kingdom, with Jesus as King.

Many more, much to digest and missional movement to nurture.

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