Thursday, 21 April 2016

Seventy-two in partnership with Spring Harvest

So why are Baptists in partnership with Spring Harvest? It’s a question I’ve been asked recently, particularly as Seventy-two have been involved for our first year of partnership with Spring Harvest. We had a team of ten people drawn from across our four Partnership Association.

Seventy-two is designed to be a network for people in our Baptist Churches who want to fully engage in the mission of God wherever they are.

Spring Harvest stand for ‘Equipping the Church for Action’, aims to create space for all people to encounter God, to be confident in their faith and to see transformation in lives and communities.

We share so much in terms of ethos and convictions, it should be no surprise we’re collaborating together. Baptists have played a large part in Spring Harvest since it’s beginnings, back in 1979, so what’s the point of us becoming more intentionally involved together? Here’s just a few responses on the basis of our involvement this year:

-       We were able to share in the desire to be distinctly Christian and culturally connected.

-       We were able to combine our desire to grow personally and be equipping one another.

-       We were able to delight in belonging together in Christ and offering diverse expressions of our oneness to the rest of the world.

-       We were able to celebrate being in God’s presence to be both transformed and sent.

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