Friday, 16 September 2016

Winstone, Gloucestershire, Baptist Church

I'm looking forward to the 200th Church Anniversary in Winstone, Gloucestershire, this weekend.

This the first page of their minute book:

Mr Aldom, Henry Hawkins and Mr Davis were going through this village to a Sunday School at Colesbourne. on 21st January 1816 were accosted by a female, who requested they hold a Prayer Meeting at her house as they returned in the evening. To this they agreed and when they returned they found to their astonishment the house was crowded with people. The service was commenced with prayer and the word of God was read and a few remarks made upon it: The service was not in vain for one female was arrested so powerfully by the spirit of God that when she retired she was obliged to go home to her bedside and like the weeping prodical cry for mercy. She has since become a member of this society and has borne an honorable testimony ever since.

Shortly after a person of property in Winstone who was intimate with the friend who opened her house first for them sent word that she would like for them to call upon her. Mr Davis called and she told him that she had a stable she would Let to them, at the rent of three pounds a year. Mr Davis mentioned this to Mr Hawkins pastor of the church at Escomes who agreed to it and took it. It was then fitted up and cleaned and on 21st March it was opened and a Sunday school formed.

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