Monday, 7 November 2016

Welcome to the new look South Wales Baptist Association regional team

Welcome on board Carl, Susan and Tim. South Wales BA commissioned their new look regional team yesterday and it's another clear signal of the desire for mission to become the organising principle across our Baptist networks. In seeking their new appointments SWaBA expressed their desire 'in moving forward mission needs to be at the heart of all we seek to do'.
Nick Bradshaw will remain as the Team Leader, but giving more of his time to missional development and engagement. 'Aspiring to be a movement on mission means that the Association Team Leader needs to be leader in mission'. Together with new appointments Carl Gidney, Susan Stevenson and Tim Daniel this has every possibility of being a significant team among us and we welcome them warmly and eagerly anticipate the next chapter.
This represents a clear intention for everything, which forms a part of the agendas for the regional team and those who become involved in regional strategy and engagement to be viewed through the missional lens. It also provides the level of staffing, which enables SWaBA to be more proactive and initiate than staff with JD's which fill people's time to capacity simply keeping the wheels of the system oiled, or just de-clogged.

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