Saturday, 20 December 2008

busy doing nothing?


I will never be ‘not busy’ I’ve decided, so the question has to be busy doing what? My challenges are what am I busy with? I have to schedule in the sitting down in the coffee lounge at Slimbridge for an hour meditating on the birds and plans for 2009 – we all need escape places.  People always assume I’m busy as a Regional Minister and there’s no doubt, busy is the easiest thing n the world to accomplish being as a minister, in my opinion. Over busy doing ministry, however, usually raises questions, which are uncomfortable, like ‘for who’ and ‘for what reason’? This week was, eventually, the first week of let’s say ‘less demands’ on my diary from usual sources after all, would you want  to see a RM just before Christmas. I loved this time of year as a local minister – carol services everywhere -  and I wouldn’t have been best chuffed with a call ‘could I pop round and see you’ from the likes of me! However, it’s been a busy week – Chinese meal with home group, meal out with Maggie’s school staff, a really good ‘neighbours’ night last night, oh I had one crisis pop up. It’s been great, but I still haven’t caught up with all those things I was going to do when things went quiet. I still haven’t reached that illusionary state of floating through life in a consciously prayerful mode where my halo sparkles so brightly the neighbours just pop in and ask the way to heaven – they just all moan I haven’t got the white lights on the fir tree in the front this year (but I’ve been busy doing other things). Oh, I’m not supporting the picture by the way.

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