Monday, 1 December 2008


Well, I had a wonderful weekend – in Tresaith, near Cardigan. I started off Friday afternoon with my best guess being Maggie and I were headed for a romantic weekend together in Paris. However, on Saturday morning one of  my first tasks was to consult a map in daylight to find out where I was – having been blindfolded for part of the journey and not recognizing too many signposts, once well into Wales. There were also 17 of us in an old Sea Captains house - so not quite the romantic weekend, but a big surprise and a great chance for us all to be together. So, a great weekend with my wider - all-innocent/lying through their teeth - family. The weather was absolutely wonderful – two of those sunny, crisp autumn days which are the very best in my opinion and Sunday lunch was the best roast I’ve ever had in a restaurant.

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Johnny said...

Hi Nigel

Tresaith is lovely.

We spent a few days in the area last summer, and had a wonderful time.

I blogged about it here: