Friday, 28 November 2008

surprise, surprise?

 I should be preparing for our National Settlement Team meetings next week, but I keep getting distracted thinking about this weekend – which is planned to be a surprise. Apparently, I’m 50 next month and because my birthday is on boxing day it often gets buried under Christmas – so Maggie has something planned – I no not what, where or anything. Of course, the reality is it couldn’t be a totally out of the blue surprise because she has had to make sure I’m not booked out to meet up with anyone this afternoon, taking a deacons away day tomorrow or preaching on Sunday. It’s this business of planned surprise that’s making me wonder how God ever gets a look-in – whether that be as individuals or the church. After all how much is Sunday ever a hope these days of a planned surprise? How much ‘prayer’ or our reading of the bible as disciples makes space for any planned surprise? Oh well, just me then…

I have to share something at our regional and national teams overnight next week, so I’m wondering about that – what to say, which might help. I read Neil Brighton’s reflection on BU Council asking why we have Associations – good question Neil and one we must keep asking. Leads me nicely on to our new WEBA logo – the inspiration is from the icon on your computer – the click the small box and it fills the screen. The idea is to communicate the church is not an end in itself, but an agent, signpost etc of the kingdom. To that end we’re to ‘encourage missionary disciples’ (individuals) and ‘growing healthy churches’ (churches). I feel we’ve got a better tin now – we just need to make sure WEBA becomes increasingly like it says on the tin!


chrispriddy said...

Oh the logo is great, much as I love the old fish! this looks great. looking forward to the new website launch?

Nigel Coles said...

glad you like it