Wednesday, 19 November 2008

music to my ears

Sunday night was Film Club night – discussing The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. It was a very interesting discussion and with a variety of generations represented - fascinating to hear some of the emphases people brought. We’re not sure what to look at next as we’re going for a showing together with supper at ours – which we means we get to choose the film we’ll show. I still haven’t seen The Kite Runner, but having read the book not sure how much everyone will be able to eat their supper.

Today I drew up at Tim’s house to be greeted by ‘I thought I heard your car purring’ – that was music to my ears! To think my car is now purring rather than growling is great. In the last 6 months I’ve had a new engine, cam belt, exhaust, clutch, part suspension, turbo – my apologies to nay new parts I’ve forgotten to mention! But now it’s purring – hallelujah! Affectionately known as ‘momo’ – named after Momo Sissoko having a registration beginning MMO – I got to thinking about the power of naming something. Momo – just on the off-chance no one remembers – was a good, but not good enough midfielder for the great Liverpool FC. He was good for a while, but didn’t quite make the grade. Talk about prophetic! There’s often power in naming in the Bible – places named commemorating something special done by God in the past and people named who went on to give prophetic expression to their given name. I’m now looking for a car with the registration TORRES! 

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