Friday, 14 November 2008

standing within a foreign culture

Not an easy week this one – far too busy. It was BU Council Monday to Wednesday which always takes a large chunk out of a week, but I HAD to leave early. You don’t get many perks as a Regional Minister, but this week was an exception as I was taken to Spurs v Liverpool courtesy of Mike who supplies our stationary etc. As far as the football was concerned it was a dreadful night for a Liverpool supporter . Even though we put out a reserve team no one likes to watch their team get thrashed as we were in the first half. It was an early Christmas for Spurs given three gifts in about six minutes. Agger and Alonso, who only came on for a short while, were however a class apart. Once again I had the questionable pleasure of standing among the opposing fans whilst they hurled abuse at my team and fellow supporters – an interesting experience, but I didn’t argue. Whichever way you look at it Harry has done a great job, but I couldn’t go as far as I was told on Wednesday ‘he is god for us’.

In other ways it was a great night – I loved the banter with Mike and his mates. It was also a reminder of another planet – from the guy whose following of Spurs home and away costs him about 10k a season. 

Today we at last fixed some dates to start Partnership for Missional Church next year. This potentially provides us with a great process to help Churches change their culture and I sense it will be a great privilege to engage in the UK pilot. Whetehr we'll find many Churches who dare to venture forwards is the next big challenge.

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