Wednesday, 5 November 2008

a primer on missional church

I found it hilarious to read that Paddy Power have slashed their odds to 4-1 that God exists – down from 33-1 ! The Telegraph also quoted Blaise Pascal

who argued that although God’s existence cannot be proven through reason, it makes sense to have religious faith since a person has everything to gain – ‘an infinitely happy life’ – and nothing to lose by doing so. Imagine your estate getting a cheque in the post after you pop your clogs though from the bank of heaven as Spurgeon used to call it!

What is really helpful, however, is a Primer on Missional Church which can be found on JR Woodward’s blog – a guy based in LA

Alan Hirsch’s comment ‘you have a real job on your hands’ when he was with us earlier in the year has come back to me many times since. There is a very real distinction between doing mission and being missional, but I’m finding many folk aren’t hearing what I think I’m saying, so maybe this blog link will help some a little more I hope -  it’s well worth a look through.
Back from Team Leaders & NST today - great to be with everyone as ever, but David Coffey's time with us today made it all the more special. It may be approaching the big 5-0, which is causing me to think like this, but it's so good to spend time with 'senior citizens' who remain so on the button. I used to wonder how on earth I could maintain any sense of a useful ministry beyond around 60, but people like DC are living proof of 'how'. He's fairly in touch with the US scene being BWA President so it was a good day, following Obama's victory, to hear from him.

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