Friday, 21 November 2008

hot chocolate mission

A great little story came back from the street team, which is part of our church last week. A small group were out serving hot chocolate to a group of young people who’d gathered. The police turned up even though the beat officer was aware of what they were doing, someone reported them for suspiciously handing out small things to youngsters out of the back of a van! (yeah I know, they didn’t turn up when the bank across the road was being done….) However, that’s not the story. A lady turned up at church on Sunday morning to say thank you. Apparently she is the grandma of one of the lads who was among this particular group drinking some hot chocolate and talking – he went home and told his grandma about what had been going on and ended his story by saying ‘even after those people went, there was such a sense of peace’.   

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