Friday, 2 January 2009

happy new year

Well, a happy new year from all at the Old Forge to all my readers! I heard briefly on the radio this morning something about new years resolutions not being good for people – because they increase the sense of disappointment when they’re not kept! Well, I’m not surprised, but what’s going on here? Is this something more peculiarly British than most cultures? Is it something that’s never been an issue, but I’ve now been part of the Christian sub-culture so long, I’ve forgotten? Whatever, it is it seems pretty typical of many of the Christians I encounter today – let’s not expect too much, then we wont be disappointed.

Of course, when the church has been numerically declining within the UK for about a century this will condition our thinking to a large extent. Put alongside that a renewed emphasis upon incarnational mission and things emergent (both of which take time we keep telling ourselves) and you soon have a model of mission, which looks nothing like the one Jesus introduced. I’ve never been a new years resolution type, but I do value this time at the beginning of the year to pray and think about what might be some targets, goals, etc.  

I made my first foray out into the sales yesterday - went along to Zavvi expecting to buy a load of knock-down CD's, but found the prices higher than the internet still - no wonder they're going out of business! Also, trying to decide on a decent sound-dock for the ipod - can't decide yet. Prayer triplets this morning - the real value of these things is you really don;t feel like getting along to meet for 7.30am to meet and pray, especially when it's sub-zero temperatures, but you do because you're committed to meet - and then afterwards, walking round Tesco's stocking up on flu medicines for the house, you discover it's actually good for you too.

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