Monday, 6 July 2009


Interesting week, last week, for various reasons. Heard two stories I didn’t want to hear, but are a sad fact of life. One concerned an ex-Minister of ours and at least confirmed my hunches were well founded, but it didn’t make me feel any better. I don’t like my role on such occasions.

Michael Owen off to Man Utd! It’s not like the good old days is it – perhaps he was never really a true believer in any case!

Had a lovely weekend in London where, amongst visiting some good friends, we went to North Cheam BC where I used to be the Assistant Minister (not called that these days often). It was fascinating registering my thoughts and feelings after not having been for a good few years. I was boosted by the ‘I can’t believe how young you both look’ comments …… until I realised they were most probably including me with Maggie out of politeness and those speaking were 93, 89, etc – I’d hope I do by comparison!

By far the most satisfying thing was seeing and hearing Simon and Lisa who both led sections of the worship. They were both teenagers when we were there and it was just wonderful to see them playing such significant roles in the life of that church today – and doing what they did so well. It made me think again about how we evaluate ‘success’ in ministry and how important it is we look more at what we leave behind us. No, it’s not all about numbers, but it may well be all about people.

Listened to Roger Federer’s last set on the way home – what an achievement! Also, we called in at Polesdon Lacey for a lovely walk around – to celebrate our new National Trust membership and an official public acceptance of middle age!

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