Monday, 29 June 2009


How do you determine the success of something like our 3-in-1 event yesterday? It’s a question I’ve been reflecting on this morning – knowing the office want a comment for the BT sometime soon. Well, it was a relief when it was over – so success could be gauged by the fact I survived! However, I think yesterday represents a growing awareness and willingness for Baptist Churches to gather together around vision and purpose. I didn’t sense people were at Weston yesterday because they felt somebody ‘ought’ to come to represent their church – that could sound like a small thing, but actually represents a sea change in attitude towards any gathering with the word ‘association’ attached to it. Yesterday the ‘business’ of the agm was done in half an hour, but that included two stories of what God is doing among us, as well as some up-to-date stuff on Home Mission. In fact, the whole afternoon and evening was dedicated to ‘making a difference’ and from people’s comments afterwards, many were encouraged by the day. I thought the worship team from Milton, led by Ruth, did s great job and I’m sure many from some of our smaller churches felt significantly up-lifted by being able to worship among around 300 people – unusually I didn’t count. The seminars all seemed to go down well with folk – all based around ‘making a difference’ – among our own personal networks, through our local church and overeas. The focus of my preaching was Jesus’ words to the disciples at the feeding of the 5000 - ‘you give them something to eat’ and I guess it reflected where we’re coming from as a regional team in relationship with the churches of WEBA (as well as being faithful to the text I hope). I’m pretty committed to the whole concept of Baptists re-gaining connection with our DNA as a movement and the reality is, in any case, we shall only ever make an impact throughout this region to the extent that each and every church is willing to engage beyond their own walls.

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