Saturday, 13 June 2009

Banksy back in Bristol

Great start to the day when Maggie, who was off out to a ministry day for women, brought me the paper and tea in bed before leaving – has to be the start to a perfect Saturday! Followed by breakfast out with Ben, I then had to turn to some DIY – so all downhill from there!

Had a good day yesterday at Didcot – I was talking with BMS about things, but there primarily for an interview with a guy in process of transferring from the South African BU to ours. This is not a Ronaldo type transfer to Real Madrid – for a start he can’t preach! Anyway, I wa scaugth by surprise when at the end of the interview with the typical ‘do you have any questions you want to ask us?’ …. He came out with a ‘I’d just like to say I appreciate the standard of excellence the BU here bring to this process’ – wow – I hadn’t seem that one coming, but it did make me thank God we’re doing well in some things. I must admit when I look at education and some businesses and the resources, comparatively speaking, they are able to throw at things, our staff at Didcot do an amazing job and it took someone coming from SA to spot it – thanks.

Bristol’s been in the news on two fronts this week which are both a keen interest – football and Banksy. We’re making a bid apparently, for a part in the 2018 World Cup bid. I must admit, it’s the kind of thing which could keep me here as a Regional minister for a good while! However, whilst I admire the vision, I feel like one of those church members responding to their pastor – great idea, can’t see it myself. One thing I can see, though, is the Banksy exhibition which opened last night at the City Museum – it’s on till the end of August so no rush, but …. If you’d never though of Bristol as a weekend destination I suggest you change your mind in the next few weeks. I began thinking last night, whilst doing my DIY jobs, I haste to add, that Banksy would make a great Baptist Minister – subversive, anti-authoritarian, creative, anonymous – but, of course, as no one knows who he actually is he could be one already!!

Try for a trailer, or the same on you tube.

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