Wednesday, 3 June 2009

the Wild Goose

Now here’s two giveaways so none of my friends can say I never give them anything! Of course, however, they’re not really from me.

The First Voyage of the Coracle (The community of Aidan and Hilda – courtesy of my friend Ernie).

Brothers and Sisters, God is calling you to leave behind everything that stops you setting sail in the ocean of God’s love. You have heard the call of the Wild Goose, the untameable Spirit of God; be ready for him to lead you into wild and well-worn places in the knowledge that he will make them places of wonder and welcome.

He is giving you the vision of a spoiled creation being restored to harmony with its Creator, of a fragmented world becoming whole, of a weakened church being restored to its mission, of healed lands being lit up by the radiance of the glorious Trinity.

In stillness and storm, be always vigilant, waiting, sharing, praising, blessing, telling. Sail forth across the ocean of God’s world knowing both the frailty of your craft and the infinite riches of your God.’

The other is a free audio download available during this month, from of Eugene Peterson’s book ‘Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places’ - so if you haven’t read it, listen to it.

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