Monday, 9 November 2009

Friday 6th November entry

Today was a delightful introduction to the Cape. Well, who said a sabbatical was all study and no play? Saw some seals in the harbour and baboons en route to the Cape of Good Hope, which made my day. I’d intended visiting Robben Island, but unfortunately no trips today because of the weather – waves too rough! Maybe I’ll get another chance – we’ll see. Didn’t get to Cape Pont either because the road was up! Actually, very nearly missed Cape of Good Hope – I must have been the last car let into the national park - at 5.59 when they stop entry at 6pm. – got caught in the Cape Town rush hour I guess.

One of the great things about speaking English and the advance of technology is life is so easy when abroad somewhere like this – picked up a hire car with sat nav, which brought me straight to the guest house the guys here had booked me into – good job as it was really dark and couldn’t see the road names. No problem with jet lag either as it’s straight down from us – a fair way down admittedly, but only two hours ahead. At least it’s not pouring with the rain it was I Amsterdam.

Everybody here is so friendly, it really hits you, well me! I thought the Aussies were friendly, but these guys are even more so. I love it.

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