Monday, 23 November 2009

A Wildebeest crossing?

Sunday 15th November

Another amazing day, but a total extreme from yesterday. We had to drive through the Hluhuwe-Imfolozi Park in any case to get to Richards Bay airport, but I had the choice – straight drive or 5 am start for a leisurely one. If you ever get the chance, believe me it’s worth getting up for. That’s not to suggest glorious sunshine in the South African summer – the weather here has been a real surprise and today was no exception, but the light and visibility was good till it started raining and by then we’d had a good few hours driving – giraffes, zebras, eagles, vultures, wildebeest, elephants, buffalo, prairie dogs who’d just made a killing,impala, etc – this was an awesome experience. Sorry, probably used that word a lot recently.

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