Tuesday, 15 June 2010

flying the flag

I thought the gag about Robert Green I heard today was particularly funny - someone said he'd been training today & not let in one shot out of 4000 ..... and then he and Heskey went off to train with the rest of the team!
OK not the kindest, but - football once again brought ecstasy and despair within 90 minutes - watching England play is not good for your health.
The World Cup is well underway and generally been well underwhelming so far - sadly, the German team look the best I've seen so far, but it's early days - possibly just as well for England.
I have two England flags for the car and when I announced I was planning to fly the flag, as it were, I received not a little flack - 'please don't', 'how immature', 'you chav' - and this was just from within my family.
Nigel - 'I've bought my flag'
Maggie - 'oh dear'
Nigel - 'but this isn't any old England flag, this is an M&S England flag'
Maggie - 'how much did you pay?'
Nigel - '£1.50 which is why I only bought one'
Maggie - 'but they're selling them for 25p where I pass on the way to school'
Nigel - 'but you said it was a silly idea, can you buy me another one?'
next day
Nigel - 'I hope you haven't bought my other flag yet?'
Maggie - 'oh no, how much was this one?'
Nigel (triumphant) - 'nothing - I found it in the road. Hopefully no one spotted me stop the car and run into the road to retrieve it'

However, we're the only house I've seen so far flying the Brazilian flag outside the house!

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