Monday, 28 June 2010

cultural streams?

Well, the least said about the abject performance from England on the football field, the better! What is interesting, as I make my way to Didcot to talk about the pace of mission in our system, is the relationships people are making between the role of the Manager, the players, the Premier League, the grassroots, the coaching systems, the time off and breaks, the money, the organisation of the FA & FIFA, the technical changes deemed necessary, but not fundamental to the problem, etc - the whole system of British (yes!) football.
Personally, I registered little emotional disappointment about the result because there was little gap between my expectations and the reality - the manner of our play, however, was disappointing.
Another big issue, which has caught my eye, however, is the question of the place, or breadth, of 'popular culture'. When Rolf Harris is opening Glastonbury at 80 it has to be a recognition that something has radically changed in the last 40 years since Glastonbury began. The perceived radicals have clearly changed as well as growth in the overlap between several influential cultural streams - as with our party politics, the centre stage has grown and the fringes less influential? There were more people watching the football at Glastonbury than can fit into Wembley Stadium today!

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