Thursday, 1 July 2010

roy hodgson and jack johnson...

Jesus never spoke once about the Christian life; he simply spoke about life.
I’ve often thought about writing a book comparing the styles and approaches of various football managers with church leadership. Unfortunately, even I’m not convinced anyone else would be interested!
However, Liverpool do have a new manager and the Guardian article is headed up by “Kop needed a new sage to restore spirit – now they have one in Roy Hodgson.” The article is littered with religious language and could easily be talking about a church or the Baptist Union in many ways. Well, as I say, I find it interesting!

Went to hear Jack Johnson in Cardiff this week. Now that was a great experience. Obviously, the music has to be something you really enjoy, but I find he’s also an interesting guy and someone I’d really like to sit down and have a coffee with, or I guess a long drink on a beach would be more appropriate.
Maggie & I were not the oldest ones there – I didn’t get everyone to produce their passports, but I’m sure it wasn’t simply wishful thinking. What I’d like to know is, with an audience and following primarily made up of 20 something’s, whether it’s simply his music people are drawn to, because it seems to me there’s something else going on about identity & ethos. There’s no doubt he promotes some healthy values in a very acceptable way, which knocks on the head some of the nonsense about what this generation are looking for and responding to. I’ll have to continue to muse on this one….

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