Friday, 23 July 2010

a look on the bright side...

Well, Corsica beckons, but I think this has been a good week. There's probably something psychological going on around holiday's coming, everything seems rosy, but thinking about the last few days I developed a warm glow en route home this afternoon on the motorway, which was more than the usual friday evening feeling. So, what's causing all this chaos on the motorway system?
Basically, I think over the last three days I've had three meetings, which were all a reflection of significant potential in each of the churches represented. They were all different from one another and in significantly different places, but there was a confidence in God as well as an expectancy about what God might be doing in the future. To be honest I can;t ask for more than that. In one situation we were thinking about re-planting another church with the help of a larger one, another are re-shaping their structures to face the challenges of the future, the other were a group of elders struggling with some big challenges, but in faith. I might be going on holiday, but the west of England is in good hands!

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