Wednesday, 11 August 2010

back from Corsica

Well, we're back from two weeks away in Corsica. Nearly everyone I met before responded in the same way - 'sounds nice, never been'. It is really nice and I have now been. Here's some thoughts:

Wonderful to have two weeks where we could really chill out.
Some amazing scenery practically at every turn of the road, or mile of the coast.
Great to swim in a warm sea.
Good to have some time to read for pure leisure.
Love the French culture, although there's a strong thread of Italian here too, which adds to it all.
Annoyed about a camera problem which meant I lost a week's worth of photos.
The wonder of mobile technology - great when we needed it, but switched off pretty much most of the time.
Need to find out more about the church in Corsica - barely evident.
Heaps of thoughts and reflections, which need to be processed.
Space and time is a gift, which must not be kept wrapped for the next break away.
Feel more like facing today's challenges because of refreshment.
How come I'd never heard of such an amazing place as Bonifacio?
God's creation is too amazing for words.
Corsica has soared in my best places list - not that I have one, but if I had ....

We spent a week each in two different places with a night in a hotel in-between. This is the view from the roof where we barbecued several nights during week one in Propriano. It was such a great spot we preferred to get back and eat there and watch the sun go down than eat out.

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