Thursday, 12 August 2010

sweet dreams are made of this

Well, it seems as if it's a good thing Steven Gerrard turned up for England last night. I didn't see it, however, as we went to see Inception. Basically, we got home near 12 & went to bed so I thought it would be interesting to blog with my thoughts as my head is till full of the film and ideas it unleashes. 
I wake up singing, in my head, 'sweet dreams are made of this' the old Eurythmics song, which has some very interesting lyrics about the interface between dreams and reality. For me, (I've been on planet holiday and a different one before that, so no idea what the critics say the film's all about yet) this was what it was all about 'for me'.
OK, to start with I was thinking, what the heck is all this about, because there's various layers and levels and I was not at all sure when they were dreaming and when they were in real time. That clarifies as the film unfolds and it was certainly a film, which drew me in and is still drawing me in the day after - so it must have something going for it. I'm tempted to say it's a brilliant film and my hunch is it will be one of those which grows and grows in popularity and acclaim - of course, I've been wrong before, but I'd recommend anyone seeing it.
It's a psychological thriller. The basic plot being an attempt to enter someone's dream world in order to change their thinking and ultimately decision making to the advantage of others. Can't say more, it'll spoil the ending!
Inevitably, one thing I did especially enjoy was the playing around with the concept of an idea as a virus, which once planted, grows and grows and has the capacity to take over someone's mind. I'm sure Alan Hirsch will love this & I certainly did. Anyway, back to reality ....

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Jo said...

Sweet dreams are made of this.... who am I to disagree? Very postmodern lyrics! Annie lenox is such a great singer and has become a great ambassador for those affected by Aids. Not seen the film inception yet but sounds good. Hope you had a good holiday.