Wednesday, 7 July 2010

all at once

I'm someone who likes to do everything, all at once! It's a personality thing (defect? - certainly in others', who are wired differently, eyes). It gets me into trouble, primarily with myself because I take on too much, attempt things in too little time, frustrate those around me because there's too little attention to detail, get frustrated when things don't happen quick enough.... oh boy, this list could go on for a fair bit.
However, there is something about 'all at once' which is at the very heart of these things called 'movements' and the antithesis is something, which is at the heart of institutionalism.
I've been looking at Jack Johnson's charitable work again following going to see him in Cardiff last week and I have to say the words are great in what and how they convey this sense of movement. See for yourself at but here's a few observations:

"All at once" - why not? He's talking about Global change and realises, as everyone else instinctively knows that change is only feasible in proportion to the people on board. Any one individual is limited by the sphere of their actions, which is why Jesus commenting about 'greater things than these' being done by his disciples only makes sense to me if it's, at least in part, about disciples multiplying his acts, words, etc - increasing the sphere of his operation.

"An individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change". It says what it does on the tin. He says upfront what's going on here - only you can do something, it does make a difference. However, it's only when we see our small contribution as being part of a much greater purpose will we be motivated to do anything & glean any sense of it being worthwhile and effective. Isn't Jesus demonstrating this is how he works time and time again? Here's something to do, go and do it, before you understand fully what the kingdom of God is all about - when he sends out his disciples, the seventy-two, plus all in the great commission.

"your actions, your choice, your voice" Here's the culturally savvy bit - no one wants to be told anything very much today. The converse is, we only do what we want to do and that's always been the case. The kingdom of God is within you says Jesus and whilst, there's debate around what that means, it usually means we've run out of energy debating. However, doesn't Jesus when he's standing in front of any individual give you that sense he's looking at their potential, free of the shackles of sin, rather than their past, performance or status, etc.?

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