Tuesday, 14 September 2010

just a staff meeting?

I just had to blog about our staff meeting this morning. On the one hand not very exciting, but from my perspective, a tremendous privilege. It highlights why ‘working’ (I tend to always put that word in inverted commas – being a Minister still doesn’t feel like work!) in a Christian environment seems so strange to many people and some of the ways it is quite different. Of course, whether these are for better, or for worse, will depend.
We met at Lesley’s home. Lesley only works part-time as our administrative assistant, I think her title is. Lesley is off work because she’s had an op on her feet, which has involved nine of her ten toes being broken. Consequently, she’s wearing a pair of not very trendy looking sandals. These are probably not at all like the ones Jesus and the twelve wore as they have a steel sole. Obviously, as her employer this is not best practice, but it was her idea and she lives along the road from the office, she provides good coffee, doughnuts, why argue? We read the bible and prayed together, there were bits of personal stuff to share together – an hour gone. We made some plans, we tried to work out how some stuff could be improved, we talked about new possibilities for which everyone has a will to see happen. This is an exciting team to be a part of and I guess I simply wanted to express my gratitude to God for them all.

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