Monday, 6 September 2010

a miracle, or two!

Well, I ran the Bristol half marathon at the weekend, raised nearly £6k for a children's centre in South Africa, ordained and inducted Paul Carter at Nailsea, but .... the really significant news in the Coles household was our chickens arrived!
To be exact, we went out out and bought four chickens to install in our coop and newly built run. This one has been called Priscilla and the more amazing news is we had two eggs on Sunday! Now, to the uninitiated, chickens laying eggs is not going to be amazing news, but according to all we've read, we weren't to expect any eggs for at least two weeks. Consequently, Maggie running around the garden with an egg in each hand, exclaiming 'it's a miracle', caught me by surprise and hence no picture! 

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