Tuesday, 16 November 2010

allotment 22b - the first chapter!

Preaching at Totterdown on Sunday, which was good as I hadn't been for some time. Sometimes when you return to a place you notice the changes those there all the time miss. The number of different nationalities has increased, which was hugely encouraging. Next weekend is the Totterdown Art Trail, one of a number now in and around Bristol. The church, thankfully, have begun to engage with this fantastic opportunity and host a number of exhibitors. I recall over 2000 people walked round last time around and it was pouring with rain for much of the weekend, so we hope for better things this time.
The photo reveals allotment plot 22b, our very own allotment, which we began to dig last Saturday. You'll notice there's a bit of work to be done! As my friends are all asking 'when will you have time?' it's going to be interesting. Certainly a challenge to make time. It's whole new world, just along our road in the allotments. There are 4500 allotments in Bristol, about 150 among 'ours'. As there's such a waiting list now, only half plots are issued to newcomers, so this represents alot more people than the number of units. They even have a shop for seeds, canes etc. (only opens 3 hours a week and we take a turn). It's a significant community, so this should be interesting apart from the fresh veg.
On beginning I did, however, feel like I was back at school and not brought the right protractor, or something. I was asked, eyes clearly on my rather dirty looking spade, 'are you going to dig with that?' I considered a number of replies, which I contained within the boundaries of thought. I then heard a story of one infamous lady who turned up with a spade on which concrete had set, who was advised to 'go home, spend three hours on getting your spade so you can see your face in, or buy a new one.' That three hours was repaid many times over in increased efficiency apparently. Now, having had a demonstration of my spade's ineffectiveness, compared to someone's well cared for mirror like precision instrument, I came come and started sharpening my spade!
Later I'm off to a group of deacons to tell them to do the same thing!

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