Monday, 8 November 2010

St Fagans - on retreat

We’ve been away for what has now become an annual 24 hour retreat. The ‘we’ is a cluster of Regional Ministers from three associations. We’ve done this twice now and have booked next year, so it’s a firm tradition!
How good and pleasant it is when God’s people dwell together in unity (psalm 133).
We worked with two passages from Joshua 3 & John 15 and there were so many good things about the 24 hours. I do believe every Minister needs some friends to whom they are accountable and we all need times when we’re intentionally apart from the normal stuff specifically to allow God to put the spotlight on our hearts and minds.
Some of the light relief (by no means all!) was provided by our South Wales brothers who took us to St Fagans – the Welsh National History Museum. It’s a fascinating place – one of Europe’s leading open air museums with over 40 buildings, reflecting different historical periods, which have been re-erected in the 100 acres of parkland.  The wall paintings here are in St Teilo’s Church, erected in stages between 1100 and 1520 and then re-erected around 20 years ago here. The paintings have been restored to reflect, as accurately as possible, the originals from 1500-1530 and I just thought they remain very powerful for the second visual age. As for the Team Leader in the old Unitarian pulpit ..... we can only assume he's bringing calling for repentance.

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