Thursday, 3 February 2011

Nailsea Baptist Church - The Centre

It's not often I get enthused about a church building, but I am about this one - The Centre - the new home of Nailsea Baptist Church. It was officially opened last Saturday and I was over preaching on Sunday and to have a better look around. I've been meaning to pop a blog entry on, but the delay has brought thoughts like 'why am I so delighted to see this?' Here's my, so far, answers....
1. This is a building designed to enhance and not restrict worship. Sunday morning we met in the school they'll continue to use for Sunday mornings because The Centre can only accommodate about 100 people in its largest space. From the beginning mindset cannot be 'let's fill the building'. Frankly, I'm frustrated with churches allowing their building space dictating their missional capacity for growth. NBC can't be tempted as easily on that one.

2. This building has been thought and prayed about - before it was converted. NBC have not made the mistake (many do) of we must have our own building and then ask what shall we use it for? It's primary use will be to bless those, as yet, beyond the kingdom.

3. This building represents the re-planting of the gospel and kingdom of God in Nailsea. Once upon a time this building was a church building, then it was a community centre, then more recently it was used by the Town Council. The church of Jesus has re-claimed this one, which is a delightful change! NBC is not that old - about 25 years I think.

4. This building is not the focus of attention. It would be easy for people t focus on the building... I love the coffee shop - you can't see the brown settees this end, but they wouldn't be out of place at Costa's. Coffee will be served initially free and donations invited. It's not here to make money, but to serve, provide a place to chat, help build community, etc.

5. This building represents vision, but it is not the vision. OK it didn't just happen. Gary, the present pastoral leader, is a visionary and brilliant in building and releasing others. This building is one of the most strategically conceived we have in WEBA. Other capable leaders, however, came before him. There were plans for other buildings, which failed and were hugely disappointing. Many frustrations were along the path towards opening. It's good this building is not the focus of the vision, but people because otherwise, it's job done.

6. This building has been really well done. It really is a great piece of work, by many.

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veronica said...

Hey, this sounds amazing! I can't wait to visit our friends Paul and Jo in Nailsea and visit the coffee shop and revisit NBC! God Bless all that you are doing. Veronica from Plymouth