Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sidmouth Conference 2011

Well, I've just returned from our Ministers Conference in Sidmouth this year. From my perspective, it was an excellent time for many reasons:

A really good 'feel' to the whole thing, which was confirmed by a number of newcomers.
Very good input from Steve Gaukroger and Tracy Cotterell from LICC.
Some good conversations with a whole variety of people.
Good food (too much!) provided by Sidholme again.
Great weather for the time of year.
A game of golf on tuesday afternoon - even though it was dark before we finished.
To be honest, there's no negatives I can think of, although it's probably best saying this before we receive the feedback forms!

The basic theme was 'the role of the church in the building of the kingdom'. Steve provided the biblical framework with three studies from Ephesians and then Tracy provided perspectives to help our cultural engagement.


Mike Shaw said...

Hi Nigel,

Although I could only be there for half the conference I really enjoyed myslef. Very glad I went and have been telling my fellow students about what they missed.

The small group we talked about now has a blog, please do take a look


Steve said...

Excellent - I had a terrific time too - David Coffey was excellent! Are the mp3 files from Sidholme going to be available anywhere?

Nigel Coles said...

Good point. We certainly recorded everything, which moved, so I need to check with Ruth. So, anyone else asking the same thing would be wise to e-mail the WEBA office.