Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Darkroom

Well, Lent is upon us and Baptists .... well, I find increasingly, it's in our diary and more and more take notice. Traditionally many people give something up, but a growing number of people are now advocating taking something up! This appeals to activists, but I find to take anything up new usually means I have also to decide what I will not do.
The Darkroom is a new blog for Lent in which the blogger, Em, intends to post a picture everyday.
It's definitely a challenge to make sure you get something on everyday - I struggle to make one a week! However, pictures and not words as a mechanism to reflect on the deeper things in life during Lent has something to commend it. There's no doubt, one of the most insightful books I feel I've read in recent years is 'A Whole New Mind - why right brainers will rule the future.' by Daniel Pink. It contains a message those of us wordsmiths need to hear (or see!).
Anyway, some of you will twig the blogger behind emsdarkroom is my daughter, Emily, but I commend the idea to you, as well as the blog.

No, it's not em in the picture.

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