Wednesday, 16 March 2011

long obedience in the same direction?

Well, I've not time now to write down my reflections from our conversations with Alan Roxburgh, other than to say it was a hugely beneficial time - I think for everyone.
What has brought a smile to my face, has been my morning run on tuesday - I set out for half an hour and it ended up as 56 minutes, nearly twice as long.
Basically, I turned right outside the Hayes, Conference centre, where I've been man, many times before. I bizarrely (at least that's how it struck me) find I can think and pray quite clearly when running. Consequently, I was paying very little attention to anything around me. I urned around after 15 minutes to head back, assuming I was still on the same road, but after a few minutes, began to think the buildings weren't familiar. I put this down to simply looking at them from a different perspective than the outward run. I carried on and the title of Eugene Peterson's book came into my mind and I began to think about the parallels for discipleship, etc - all holy stuff. When the road dipped, I picked up speed thinking i'd get back a bit quicker and familiar scenes would soon be in view. Of course, this is all very well, if you're on the right road, in the right direction and have not inadvertently taken a wrong turning - even if you didn't spot it!
I was lost and totally disoriented. Long obedience in the wrong direction may be the title of my book on the subject! There's a lot of lessons in here for me, but the main one is, don't get lost, you might miss breakfast!

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