Saturday, 11 June 2011

partnership for missional church

I'm at our Partnership for Missional Church Cluster today and we're sitting here reflecting on what's going on. It's thrilling to be hearing stories about what God is up to.
Basically, the congregations involved are at the point where they're reflecting upon the various experiments they've set up and been working with for some while now. A whole variety of things  and activities, but was is important, is why? One church are trying to build meaningful relationships with the parents of children and young people they're already involved with - a smallish church, but they have a web of connections with over 80 families. There's been all kinds of things being tried - film clubs, open hospitality in various ways, cafes for parents, parenting classes, initiatives for the 'lonely' and elderly in different communities, etc.
The most crucial thing coming out of today for me is the comment - we're going out now and looking for people of peace and finding they are everywhere in every day. Now, if that mindset could spread across any congregation of God's people, we'd have the kind of cultural shift on our hands we're looking for.
Oh, we meet in West super Mare, but obviously not the photo!

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